Chicken Manchurian with Fried Rice

Eat Healthy Diet

The first key to live healthy is to eat healthy. From breakfast to dinner, healthy food is the guarantee of healthy life. Those who wants to make build, those who wants to reduce extra fats, those who wants to maintain themselves, eating healthy helps them all. Here I'm sharing the easiest and the healthiest breakfast. Boiled eggs with a bread slice and ketchup. Easy to make, healthy to eat.

Shopping for Vegetables

I love shopping, either it's grocery, dresses, baby items, shoes, accessories, even chicken or vegetable or anything. This sabzi ki dukan (vegetable shop) always attract me a lot due to so many colors. Whenever I get a chance, I go there and shop a lot of vegetables even if I don't want them. It doesn't mean I waste them, I freeze them and use timely. Here are two pictures I captured while shopping in township market (Lahore). Check the colors, the healthy material they contain and enjoy !

Vegetable shop in local market [Township, Lahore]

Steam Chicken with Salad

Nugets in Vegetable Rice

Cheese Paratha with Chappali Kabab